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  • Hall proudly introduces AIPHONE

    Established provider of intercom systems in many markets.

  • Hall proudly introduces Uniview

    The pioneer and leader of IP video surveillance.

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    We are the Authority on IP Devices and Network Integration Products
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    products that improve everyday life.

Why Hall Telecommunications?

We believe that the more effective we make our customers, the more effective we make ourselves and both of us win.

We think differently.

We continue to challenge the status quo by sourcing new products and technologies that are simple to install, simple to use and provide a high degree of functionality for our customers.

By providing these types of solutions, this allows our customers to better position themselves in front of their customers.

Hall News

For over 30 years Rob Smith has been involved in professional sales throughout the North American IT/Telecommunications market place.  

During this time, he has had extensive hardware/software product and solution sales experience, ranging from mainframe manufacturers in IT systems sales, to IP readiness for voice and data related communications for several telecommunication companies. Most recently he managed and directed the dealer/integrator channel for a boutique software development house, specializing in the financial and insurance industries.

He developed and managed a successful Security VAR channel throughout Eastern Canada and the North East United States. This experience helped him to understand the challenges our integrators face with competition, different technologies, and how to provide value to their end users. 

Throughout his career, Rob has built alignments with many of the major telecommunications providers, and has designed and managed several successful sales and marketing strategies through this channel. Because of these long-standing liaisons, he has developed an intimate knowledge and business relationship with several major Canadian Fortune 100 clients. As a result, he is prepared to assist Hall’s core customers in growing their business into these markets as well.

He presently acts as Regional Manager – Premise Applications for Hall Telecommunications, where he provides account management services and new business development.

Rob can be reached at:
Office: 519-822-5420 ext 2118
Mobile: 416-271-4220


  • Record Tel Inc has been a client of Hall Telecommunications since we became an independent telecommunications company in 1995. Hall, as a local distributor of voice and data products, constantly amaze me with their commitment to quality and their ability to source obscure items as required while providing excellent pricing.  I was asked why I purchase from Hall:

    We purchase the products from Hall due to the simple fact that Hall only sell a quality product, not because of the brand name.

    Phil McCulloch